Menards Replacement Windows

Menards WindowsIn the summer of 1958, John Menard Jr. was trying to earn some money to pay for his studies. He worked in construction and about a year later, his name was known around the area of Eau Claire where he constructed numerous buildings. Because of his hard work, it didn’t take him to realize that the demand for his work was increasing.

Menards WindowsAfter graduating, he focused on creating his own business – Menards(R). The company continues to expand; from constructing pole buildings, to the distribution of lumber materials to the public, as well as other building packages such as nails, concrete, and steel. In 1994, Menards reached residential homes, selling improvement materials for replacement and new constructions. This simple yet hard-working start allowed the company to become one of the most recognized home depots in the world.

Menards Windows Categories

Menards Windows are categorized as follows:

Vinyl Windows

These windows are subcategorized into custom and standard. Custom windows are measured exactly the way you prefer them while standard windows include hung windows with Low-E coated argon glass (in different sizes), with a vinyl interior and exterior for a sleek finish. These windows are made available by CertainTeedCrestline, another brand distributed by Menards Windows, offers vinyl slider and single hung windows with insulated or Low-e argon glass. Menards also distributes windows made by Jeld-WenNorthview as well as Wellcraft Windows, so you’ll be spoilt for choice

Menards Vinyl Windows Such As Picture, Sliding, Single & Double Hung


Wood Windows

Pine for the interior reflects natural beauty while fiberglass for the exterior reflects durability. These Menards Windows are about eight times sturdier than vinyl, proven by stability in varying temperatures and a lifetime warranty. Wood windows are from Crestline and Jeld-wen.

Shaped Windows

Varied shapes such as octagon, circle, diamond, round top, garden, and oval are combined with single pane or insulated glass. These windows are usually fixed. Menards refer to these as Accent windows.

Menards Shaped Window Examples: Octagon, Round & Oval

Roof Windows and Skylights

This can increase the amount of light your home needs directly from above. These windows are available with tempered or laminated glass for added durability (you can opt for a low-E argon glass for energy-saving purposes). Some are fixed while some can be added with a lever. You can even add insect screens or blinds.

Menards Skylight Window
Menards Skylight Window

Basement and Utility Windows

Basement, egress, and jalousie windows distributed by Menards windows are from International Product Supply.

Menards Basement & Utility Windows

Storm Windows

Will keep your home from devastating storm winds and rain. Climaterite distributes (through Menards Windows) this type of window with an aluminum finish. While Larson windows produce the Performance Storm Window with Low-E Glass (through Menards Windows)

Menards Storm Windows

Awning Windows

Hinged at the top and open outward, allowing for ventilation even during a light rain. Often used in combination with other window styles or placed higher on walls for privacy, awning windows are easy to open and close.

Menards Awning Windows

These windows can be added with features such as exterior shutters, glass blocks and panels, and window wells. Exterior shutters are louvered and made from DuraPrene or DuraStyrene. These accessories come in different colors with the look of natural wood and are sold with a limited lifetime warranty.

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Prices of window products at Menards Windows differ according to type, color, size, and features. Thus, it is necessary to compare the prices of various Menards window types and to put products side by side in order to see the pros and cons. When it comes to warranty, Menards offers different warranties depending on the model, as most of them give their products a certain length of warranty years based on materials and confidence.  Therefore, the price of the end product you will get is dependent on your careful selection and inspection.

Window World Cost Review

Window World Windows has just been fifteen years in business, but it has already gained a reputation for providing customers with high-quality, energy-efficient, and low-cost windows. From being a roadside stand in Wilmington, North Carolina, its founder Leon Whitworth worked hard and successfully transformed the company into 250 stores spanning forty-six US states. The company is considered one of the largest window replacement companies in North America, having customers from all walks of life. Today, Window World Windows proudly upholds its motto in every order received: Provide a superior product, installed by a professional craftsman, at a low price guarantee.

Window World Windows has a lot of reasons to continue growing as a window company. It is accredited by the Better Business Bureau and Energy Star, and it received a Good Housekeeping Seal for quality and integrity. Aside from being an EPA-certified firm for producing lead-safe products, the company also takes pride in being licensed and insured, as well as in being able to comply with the unique requirements of every customer.

Window World Window Styles

Window World Windows offers various kinds of window styles for every American home:

  • Window World Double Hung Windows
  • Window World Casement Windows
  • Window World Awning Windows
  • Window World Bay and Bow Windows
  • Window World Garden Windows
  • Window World Sliding Windows

Window World Windows

Window World Prices

Window World is best known for advertising new windows priced at $189. In practice though, Window World prices typically range from $225-$525 per window (when including installation), which is pretty much in line with the median pricing of its major competition.


Window World 2000 Series windows are the company’s entry-level windows made from 100% vinyl and designed with a multi-chambered sash and mainframe for maximum thermal efficiency. The windows come in 2 interiors and 2 exterior color variations and can come ENERGY STAR certified depending on whether the SolarZone insulated glass package is selected at the time of purchase. Window types included under the 2000 Series line include:

Window World 2000 Series Double Hung Windows
Window World 2000 Series Picture Windows
Window World 2000 Series Specialty Shape Windows

As the budget line of Window World windows, the Window World 2000 Series Windows falls at the very low end of the company’s product portfolio from a pricing perspective. Window World 2000 Series prices can range anywhere from $225 on the low end to $490 on the high end.


The Window World 4000 Series windows are the next step up from the 2000 Series windows, offering the same basic features of the 2000 Series with an additional two operating sash augment functionality. The windows come in 9 interiors and 13 exterior color variations and can come ENERGY STAR certified depending on whether the SolarZone insulated glass package is selected at the time of purchase. Window types included under the 2000 Series line include:

  • Window World 4000 Series Double Hung Windows
  • Window World 4000 Series Awning Windows
  • Window World 4000 Series Casement Windows
  • Window World 4000 Series Sliding Windows

The 4000 Series represents the company’s mid-tier vinyl replacement window option. As such the 4000 windows offer more in terms of variety and are priced at a premium to the 2000 Series windows. Window World 4000 Series prices can range anywhere from $235 on the low end to $525 on the high end.


The Window World 6000 Series windows are the company’s premium vinyl replacement windows line. The 6000 Series includes all the features of the Window World 2000 Series and Window World 4000 Series windows with several additional features making it the most advanced window option.

The 6000 Series provides enhanced durability, protection, and insulation by including multiple extra-thick extrusion walls, triple barrier weatherstripping, and a super sturdy frame able to support triple-pane windows. The windows come in 2 interiors and 2 exterior color variations and can come ENERGY STAR certified depending on whether the SolarZone insulated glass package is selected at the time of purchase. Window types included under the 6000 Series line include:

  • Window World 6000 Series Double Hung Windows
  • Window World 6000 Series Awning Windows
  • Window World 6000 Series Casement Windows
  • Window World 6000 Series Slider Windows
  • Window World 6000 Series Specialty Shape Windows

As the premium line of Window World windows, the Window World 6000 Series Windows are priced at the high end of the company’s product portfolio from a pricing perspective. Window World 6000 Series prices can range anywhere from $335 on the low end to $595 on the high end.

Reinforced Window Structures

Window World Windows distinguishes itself from other window companies by providing products with all features meticulous customers want. These windows are guaranteed to be leakproof and styled to reduce energy costs in the home. Aside from using top-of-the-line materials, these windows have strong construction and look clean from the inside out. These windows also protect the home from the elements like water, air, heat, dust, and dirt. These basic qualities are what set this company apart from the whole lot.

Window World windows have a reinforced structure that consists of fusion-welded sashes and mainframes, which adds durability to them. This kind of structure does not chip, blister, or peel, making them last longer. The multi-point locking system considerably prevents successful break-ins, while the dual-locking handles ensure that the windows can only be opened from the inside. For comfort, these use multi-directional ventilation and twin-sealing side vents to increase airflow. For weatherability, these windows use double barrier-fin weatherstripping at the side of the sashes, preventing water leakage and air infiltration. In case of condensation inside the glass, the sloped sill drains the water toward the exterior of the window. The Intercept spacer system provides a thermal barrier and prevents the free escape of warm or cold air from the inside. Also, an inch of insulated glass is used to make the windows more energy efficient.

Window World Windows gives an all-inclusive lifetime warranty for its window products. This warranty includes vinyl parts, mechanical parts, insulated glass, glass breakage, and labor. However, there are general limitations and exclusions, especially for glass breakage, which says that situations concerning Acts of God are not included. This warranty is also transferable, but the transferee must send a notification, a fee, and some legal information to the company not exceeding thirty days from the transfer date.

Window World is a window company with many offices in forty-five states throughout the United States and is one of the largest outlets of window products. Since its founding in 1995, the company has grown in terms of reach, product offering, and manpower, making it one of the largest window replacement companies in the US. The company takes pride in selling products that are tested, well-crafted, and built to last.


Products sold by Window World span six styles: double-hung, bay and bow, awning, casement, sliding, and garden. These windows are certified by Energy Star and the quality that they have afforded the company a Good Housekeeping seal. Apart from being energy efficient, these windows are proofed from water leaking, air infiltration, and sound penetration. Homeowners looking to reduce their heating and cooling costs will certainly appreciate the energy-saving capabilities of these windows. Furthermore, these are made from the finest and highest quality vinyl and plastic materials, so they are guaranteed to never crack, chip, rot, blister, or peel. The reinforced fusion-welded sash and mainframe provide strength and durability, while the multi-point locking system gives optimum security. These windows are also easy to clean, and the sloped sill prohibits water pool build-up at the bottom sash. These are some of the qualities that make these windows a good alternative for outdated and broken ones.

For customers on a tight budget, the company offers a $189 window replacement deal. Moreover, these energy-efficient windows qualify for the government’s tax incentive credit program.

When it comes to supplying windows with quality and durability, customers cannot go wrong in trusting their window needs to Window World. This company is considered the largest in window replacement having about 190 offices in forty-five US states, allowing it to serve thousands of American homes timely and effectively. Aside from this proud size, it has also earned a Good Housekeeping seal and a certification from Energy Star.

EPA Certified

EPA-certifiedThis EPA-certified business makes sure that every home has the right window style as needed. Windows according to operation are double-hung, casement, awning, sliding, garden, and bay and bow.

The best quality of these windows is being energy efficient, qualifying them for the government’s energy tax incentive credit. They use the company’s SolarZone insulated glass, which combines the power of low-E glass, argon gas, and a warm-edge spacer system for superb energy efficiency.

With the insulated glass, the damaging rays of the sun are blocked, preventing carpet and surface from fading. The argon gas prevents fast convection inside the glass, while the spacer system prohibits condensation build-up. These three qualities are what homeowners need if they want to reduce heating and cooling costs.

Less Maintenance

Aside from these features, windows from Window World are not susceptible to dust, dirt, air, and water. The sloped sill drains water down the bottom sash, preventing water from pooling in that area. The screen tracks are totally hidden, and there are heavy-duty locks and hardware for optimum security. Like other brands, the company allows customers to configure their windows according to size, color, grille style, glass, and screen.
Quality and affordability are two things that are hard to find in windows, but one company that provides both is Windowworld. Considered the largest window outlet in the US, this company has 186 offices sprinkled in forty-five states in North America. Bearing the Energy Star label and a Good Housekeeping seal, there is no doubt that this company offers quality aside from beauty and reliability.


Window World offers six window styles to customers: double-hung, casement, awning, garden, sliding, and bay and bow. These windows are made with a fusion-welded sash and mainframe, making them superbly durable and strong.

The high-quality vinyl used does not rot, chip, blister, peel, or crack, making these windows last for many years in homes located in any region. Also, these combine the three technologies known for providing energy efficiency in windows: warm-edge spacer, low emissivity glass, and argon gas.

This triple combination renders a home almost impenetrable from ultraviolet lights and excess sun rays, elements that cause fading in-home surfaces, carpets, and curtains. Moreover, these windows secure a home from break-ins with multi-point locks made from quality metal; the dual-locking handles double-proof the windows from hand or tool intervention from the outside.

Aside from these technical capabilities, these windows are designed to let a fresh breeze enter the home, especially with the awning and casement models that use a multi-directional ventilation system. For homeowners wishing to save money, the company has a $189 window replacement deal, aside from the fact that they can apply for the government’s tax incentive credit program.

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