Double Hung Window Replacement Costs

If your existing windows are not doing their job, you have probably considered replacing them.

Old windows don’t insulate your home very well, and they might look scruffy and unfashionable. Replacing your window glass alone is a relatively simple operation, but it doesn’t solve a whole lot of problems.

Full frame window replacements are a much bigger project, but you can significantly improve both your home environment and your property value.

If you’re looking at full window replacements, it’s important to pick windows with the right style and functionality. Double-hung window replacements are a relatively common and affordable option for your remodel.

What Are Double Hung Windows?

Single-hung windows have two sashes, one fixed and one that is able to open in a sliding or tilt motion. The sashes of double-hung windows can both be opened.

Casement windows open outwards on a hinge, while double-hung windows usually open by sliding vertically, or tilting inwards.

Double-hung windows are the most common type of windows across the US, and are the perfect traditional choice for colonial, Victorian or ranch homes.  

Pros and Cons of Double Hung Window Replacements


Affordability: Double-hung window replacement costs won’t upset your budget too badly – they are a good economical choice if your home needs a lot of new windows. There are low-cost window options available, but you can also choose higher-end types, like windows with low-E glass.

Variety: As double-hung window replacements are the most popular style for homeowners, manufacturers make sure they come in the widest range of colors and materials. You can go with wood if you want to embrace traditionalism, but vinyl window replacements are cheap and effective as well.

Ventilation: Double hung windows allow for great airflow through your home, because both sashes can open. Double-hung window replacements can also accommodate air conditioners easily.

Maintenance: If ease of cleaning and maintenance is a big priority for you, then double-hung window replacements are a hassle-free option. You can clean both window sashes from inside your home without going outside, or fussing with long-handled window washers.

Space-saving: Casement windows open outwards on a hinge, so they’re not a great option if your window looks out onto a sidewalk or patio area. Double-hung windows don’t take up any exterior space, so they’re great for a window in this part of your home.


Air leakage: Replacing old windows with any kind of new windows will improve major air leakage problems, but double-hung window replacements are not the most airtight. Because of their double sash style, there’s more area for air to move in and out through the openings, even when closed.

You can use interior weatherstripping to make sure your power bills stay as low as possible.

Hardware deterioration: As double-hung window replacements have two sashes being opened and closed, they will need maintenance to keep them moving easily. You can prevent sticking by lubricating the tracks.

Where the sashes open with springs or counterweights, they run the risk of failure – meaning your sashes won’t stay open. You will have to replace the hardware in this case.

Multiple replacements: This is an issue that is common to most window replacements – a single room replacement won’t increase your home’s energy efficiency. You will have to invest in replacing multiple room windows to get the full value.

The good news is that you will get a good return on investment for your window replacements, because they’ll save you money in the long run. 

Double Hung Window Replacement Types

Most double-hung windows are rectangular, with dividers called muntins. Muntins divide the individual windowpanes.

Some newer window styles have muntins that can snap on and off, to create the appearance of traditional windows.

Although double-hung window replacements don’t come in a huge variety of styles, they’re the most common type of window because they’re so versatile.

Double-hung windows can replace just about any of your current windows.

Double-hung window sashes can either slide up and down, or open on a tilt or pivot mechanism. The sashes are held in place either with counterweights, friction, or pre-tensioned springs.

Cost of Double Hung Window Replacements

Double-hung window replacement costs are lower than most other styles of window –  so if you’re renovating on a budget, they’re a great option. Here can you see a few types of replacement costs to help you decide.

Type of Window Glass in New Frame (Full Frame Replacement)
Casement $245 - $750
Double-hung $300 - $700
Picture $385 - $800
Sliding $450 - $1,300


Replacing any type of windows in your home can be a headache. You need to make a careful assessment of where your windows are situated, and what pros and cons are important to you, before you embark on your renovation project.

For taller window openings, double-hung and casement windows are the most popular types. They are both reasonably priced compared to most other styles as well – but you might have to upgrade on your double hung window replacements if you want good insulation.