Single Hung Window Replacement Cost

If you’re a homeowner on a budget, replacing several windows can be a costly project. Of course, you want to pick the right type of window for your home AND your wallet. Are single hung window replacement costs affordable, and will they work for your remodel?

Single-hung windows are used extensively in new home construction, but they are also an effective window replacement for older homes. If you’re looking to improve your home’s appearance and insulation while you stick to a budget, then this type of window might work well for you.

What Are Single Hung Windows?

Single-hung windows consist of two window sashes arranged vertically. One of the sashes is able to open (by either a sliding or a tilt movement). The other sash is fixed and can’t be opened.   

These windows are sold in ready-made, standard sizes at all the big home improvement and building supply stores. This is a great bonus for homeowners doing a remodeling project that involves replacing many existing windows – you can just measure your spaces and place your order.

Standard single hung windows often have limited choices. Most of them will have vinyl frames, and not too many options when it comes to features like glass and hardware.

The durability of your single hung window depends heavily on the type of material used for the frame. While a wooden frame provides a warm, elegant, and natural look for your home, wood is not as durable a material as some other options.

You can also buy custom single hung window replacements – costs will be higher for a custom-made product, however. You get more choices when it comes to frames, cladding, hardware, grilles, screens, and glazing. Custom window replacements are perfect for older homes with odd-size window openings.

Single Hung Window Replacements Pros and Cons

These windows have a number of advantages and disadvantages, listed here to help you decide if they are right for your home.


The low cost of single hung window replacements is their main advantage! They have fewer moving parts and are relatively easy to install.

With only one movable sash, single hung windows are very energy efficient. They don’t allow for much air movement in and out of the home.

A well-installed single-hung window will be waterproof and will stop moisture from getting inside to cause mold, mildew, rot, and water damage.

Single-hung window replacements are very secure as they only open in one direction. As they only have one lock, you are also less likely to forget to lock them for the night.

Single-hung windows are great space savers in small rooms, and parts of the home with very high traffic – like hallways or entryways. They can bring sunlight and ventilation into space without taking up much-needed space.


Single-hung window replacements have limited features, frame color, and glass options. As they’re considered a standard window type with low manufacturing costs, what you see is what you get. 

The single opening sash makes these windows difficult to clean, especially on upper floors. You’ll either have to invest in some fancy window cleaning brushes with extended handles or pay for professional cleaning.

Although single-hung windows can allow for some air movement in small spaces, they have bad ventilation for larger rooms, or rooms with extra moisture. If installed somewhere like a bathroom, for example, you might battle to control the damp. 

Single Hung Windows vs Double Hung Windows

A double-hung window is almost exactly the same as a single hung window – except that both sashes are able to open, instead of just one.

While single hung window replacements are perfectly adequate for plenty of home renovation projects, they might not suit every home. If you’re concerned about whether to invest in single or double-hung windows, here is a brief comparison to help you choose.

  Single Hung Window Replacements Double Hung Window Replacements
Cost 10-20% cheaper than double-hung Initial costs are more expensive
Sash Features One sash is stationary and does not open while the other moves and tilts in Both sashes move and tilt
Cleaning Difficult to clean the exterior of the fixed sash since it does not tilt in Easier to clean since both sashes can be tilted to wash inside and outside surfaces
Ventilation Less ventilation since only one sash opens Better ventilation since both top and bottom sash can be opened

Single Hung Window Replacement Prices

As you have seen above, the lost cost of single hung windows is one of their biggest advantages. Here is an at-a-glance comparison between single and double hung windows.

Window Type Low Cost High Cost
Single-Hung Windows $100 $360
Double-Hung Windows $300 $850


Although single hung windows don’t come in a huge variety of styles, they’re the most common type of replacement window – quite simply, because they’re affordable and super versatile. They can replace just about any of your current windows, and you won’t have to alter the frame and trim.