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Window Replacement Cost Info

So how much will it cost to replace your windows? Unfortunately, this is not a very straight-forward question to answer.

Here are some of the average costs associated with some of the most common windows types.

Replacement Window Cost

Window TypeLow CostHigh Cost
Single Hung$100 $360
Double Hung$300 $700
Arched $325 $500
Awning$420 $760
Bay $1,150$3,550
Bow $1,500 $3,500
Casement $245$750
Circle Windows$250 $750
Egress $400$5,000
Garden $500$2,400
Glass Block (per tile)$1$16
Hopper $260 $720
Jalousie $175 $375
Picture $385$800
Skylight $400 $2,130
Sliding $450$1,300
Sliding Glass Door$387 $4,500
Storm Windows$335$3,500
Transom Windows $200 $575

Factors Affecting The Price Of Replacement Windows

There are so many factors that could potentially influence the total cost of your window replacement project that an accurate estimate cannot simply be made without considering what makes your window project unique.

Some of the most obvious factors include:

  • type of window you require
  • the size and shape
  • number of windows you want to repair or replace
  • type of material being used
  • type of glass you choose
  • total installation costs

Other factors to consider

One of the biggest factors affecting the price of your replacement windows is your home’s physical location.

Pricing trends on material and installation costs differ depending on your region.

The best windows on the market also come with certifications and labels, such as Energy Star and National Fenestration Rating Council.

Different manufacturers offer color frames, and they now come in white, tan numerous shades of brown, silver, gray, taupe, creme and more. This allows you to truly customize the look but depending on the color and type of glazing you choose, your overall cost of windows will be affected.

When It’s Time To Replace Windows

When last did you check your windows? If your property is older than 20 years old and you haven’t been checking your windows, it might be time. Windows have a variety of tell-tale signs that may indicate it’s time to replace them. Some of the most obvious signs include:

Windows have a variety of tell-tale signs that may indicate it’s time to replace them. Some of the most obvious signs include:

  • cracked and drafty
  • damaged frames
  • hard to open and close
  • condensation is evident
  • no more soundproofing
  • energy bills are high

Old windows are a major security risk, while replacing them can not only improve your security, but also lower your insurance!


The Benefits of Replacing Your Old Windows

Apart from the obvious benefits such as aesthetic appeal that come with replacing of old, drafty and broken windows, there are several other benefits that accompany the professional installation of brand new replacement windows.

The average home loses about 38% of its heat through inefficient windows. Replacing windows will allow you to regulate the temperature a lot better. This means keeping in the heat and the cold out – saving you money on utility bills.

The older window also needs more attention, but new windows are also easier to clean and maintain, not to mention easy opening and closing.

However, one of the biggest advantages of replacing your windows is the value and curb appeal it adds to your property. Most home improvements offer a return on investment, but the ROI on windows can by anywhere between 71%-78%, which is one of the highest ROIs on any remodeling options.

How Energy-Efficient Your Windows Should Be

Up to 70-percent of energy can be lost through your home’s windows and doors while as much as 90% of the heat can be lost through the glass.

Energy-efficient house windows use new glazing and framing materials to make your house a lot more comfortable all year round.

Energy-efficient windows not only help to lower your energy consumption and your impact on the environment. They also lower your energy bills.

National and Regional Window Brands

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