Window Replacement Cost

Homeowners often take windows almost for granted – until they break, or get old, and need to be replaced.  Figuring out window replacement costs is an involved process as there are many factors that can ultimately influence the overall cost.

replacement-windows-for-curb-appealThere are some obvious factors to consider such as the type, size, quality, and the number of windows you want to be replaced.

However, when it comes to windows, one thing is certain. Old windows don’t provide much energy efficiency, which is one of the main reasons homeowners look to window replacements as their first option when trying to conserve energy. You want your new windows to perform well AND look stylish. But what really sets window replacement apart from other home remodeling projects is the return on investment. Windows offer a return of anywhere between 60-75% return on your initial investment, not to mention the instant curb appeal that comes along with new replacement windows.

Best Window Replacement Near Me?

Now that you’re ready to install new windows, the biggest question on your mind is probably how to find the best window replacement near you.  You also might be wondering what to expect from a window installation company.

So if you’ve ever been stressed out and losing sleep while wondering “How am I going to find the best window replacement near me?”, here are a few sure-fire tips on how to find the best window replacement.

  • Ask friends and neighbors for a referral. Word of mouth is the most powerful form of advertising and a good referral can save you a lot of time
  • Check online reviews. This should give a good idea of the type of experience you could be letting yourself in for
  • Check to see who they are affiliated with and what window manufacturers they use
  • Ask them for referrals. If you are able to view any of their previous installations, even better
  • Be sure to check the warranty that covers your materials as well as labor
  • NEVER work with an installer without the necessary licensing and insurance

Window Replacement Cost by Brand

Top Window ManufacturersPrice RangePrice Per Window Installed
Pella Window Costspella$425 - $1,400$500 - $1,800
Andersen Window Costs$1,480- $2,100$1,980 - $3,000
CertainTeed Window CostscertainTeed-windows$265 - $565$295 - $1,000
Simonton Window Costssimonton-logo$180 - $375$265 - $425
milgard-logoMilgard Window Costs$225 - $575$680- $1,250
Alside-logoAlside Windows$268 - $545$525 - $885
harvey-windowsHarvey Windows$235 - $450$350-$
JELD-WEN-LogoJeld Wen Windows$350 - $2,175$650 - $2,650
Champion Windowschampion$200 - $1,250$300 - $1,850

Window Installation Cost Factors to Consider

Once you start to consider how much windows installation really costs and the return on investment you get, it’s easy to see why it’s one of the most reliable and cost-effective investments you can make.

Bay-WindowsCompare that to an upscale bathroom remodel at roughly 55% return on investment – or even a mid-range kitchen renovation in the region of 58%, and it becomes a lot clearer to see why, when considering any type of remodeling project, windows often come out on top.

For example, the average window installation costs anywhere between $150 and $800 per window.

If your window replacement costs $500, you could recoup as much as $400 with the current return on investment.

Labor Costs

Labor costs change based on several factors. This includes the scope of the job, type of installation, accessibility of your location, and even the time of year.

On average, however, you should be budgeting anywhere in the region of $36 – $38 per hour. Most windows can be installed within an hour though but, again, much will depend on the scope of the job. Should you be required to create a new opening or expand the existing ones, labor costs will increase. Equally, should you be installing custom windows or complicated installations such as Bay or Bow windows, expect the installation costs to increase. This may not only be due to the timeframe but also the skill level of workers required.

Window Types To Consider

Deciding that you are going to opt for window replacement is the easy part. Picking the right window is the tricky part. Here’s a quick and easy guide to help you choose the best windows for your particular home and unique requirements:

Best value for money

  • Single-hung windows: These are the most affordable option on the market. They are generally cheaper to install too due to the fact they consist of fewer moving parts.
  • Double-hung windows: This is the most commonly installed window today and also a more affordable option. They provide better ventilation, are easier to clean than most windows, and provide great long-term value.
  • Casement windows: Casement windows are more expensive, but with unmatched energy efficiency and unobstructed views, it’s easy to see why this window has remained popular.
    Aesthetic appeal
  • Picture windows: These windows offer amazing unhindered views of the outside. If you have a large property and want to show off some landscaping views and outdoor scenery, then look no further. Picture windows also complement modern architecture, making them priceless for many homeowners.
  • Bay windows: Bay windows are both attractive and practical. Even though they can be expensive, the return on investment alongside the aesthetic appeal they offer makes them worth it for many homeowners.

Window Frames

Naturally, the type of window frame material you opt for will also affect the overall cost. Your windows’ frame is the structural backbone that will ensure it functions optimally for decades to come.

Here is a breakdown of the average window costs per framing material.

MaterialAverage Cost
Aluminum Windowscardinal-aluminum-windows$200 - $1,250
Composite Windowscomposite-window-frames$300 - $1,385
Fiberglass Windowsfiberglass-window frame$480 - $1,650
Vinyl Windowsvinyl window$385 - $825
Wood Windowswooden replacement windows$585 - $1,300

Energy Efficient Windows

Depending on your region’s climate, you may have to consider different types of energy-efficient windows better suited to your region. If you live in a colder region, you could benefit from ENERGY-STAR windows.

man-looking-through-new-windowOn the other hand, should you live in a warmer climate, you might consider Low-E windows that filter out UV light and reduce harmful rays entering your home. Not only will this create a more comfortable living environment, but also protect your home’s interior, such as preventing furniture from fading in direct sunlight.

Windows carrying the Energy Star certification are guaranteed to have passed the most rigorous testing to ensure they meet the highest standards. You can expect windows of this quality to offset an average of 12% energy savings. Consider the following window types:

  • Single-pane windows: Single-pane windows offer poor insulation with one layer of glass. They are not energy-efficient and you could lose up to 20-30% of the heat in your home if they are not installed in conjunction with storm windows. Overall, single-pane windows are not a solid option if you want energy savings.
  • Double-pane windows: As the name suggests, two layers of glass are used in the construction of double-pane windows. Sometimes, these are insulated with a gas like argon to ensure it maximizes energy efficiency. Essentially, if you are interested in the energy-efficient qualities a window can bring, you have to consider a double-pane.

Window Replacement Costs by Type

Window Type Average Price
Archedarched-window$315 - $525
Awningawning_window$415 - $765
BayBay Windows$1,185 - $3,600
Bowvinyl-bow-windows$1400 - $3,885
Casementcasement-window$285 - $800
Circlecircle-window$250 - $755
Double Hung champion-windows-double-hung-replacement$295 - $875$995 - $5,100
Gardengarden window$995 - $4,150
Glass Blockglass-block-window$385 - $1,250
Hopperhopper$$250 - $750
JalousieJalousie-Windows$185 - $385
PicturePicture-Window$350 - $850
Single Hungsingle-hung-window$165 - $360
Storm$180 - $380
Slidingsliding-windows$320 - $1,375
Transomtransom-style-window$200 - $575


How to Save Money on Window Replacement

Most homeowners will be looking for ways to cut down on costs for their window installation. Here are 3 simple steps anyone can take to save on new windows installations.

Step 1 – Get in touch with local contractors and compare estimates

The quickest and easiest way to save money is by comparing quotes from professionals near you. Be sure to compare no less than 3 estimates in order to get an idea of not only your regional pricing trends but also the type of contractor you will be working with.

Step 2 – Consider energy-efficient windows

With the necessary certification, energy-efficient windows will insulate and regulate the temperature inside your home and save you money in the long run. On average, energy-efficient windows can help you recoup anywhere between 10-12% of your energy bills. Be sure, however, to double-check that they carry and adhere to the Energy Star criteria.

Step 3 – Local tax incentives

You don’t have to finance new windows out of pocket. Be sure to check with local utility companies as well as contractors in your region to see what type of local, regional, and federal tax incentives you might qualify for. While a knowledgeable contractor can also help you figure out what incentives you might qualify for, other options include personal loans, manufacturer’s financing, or even home equity loans.

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