Picture Window Replacement Cost

If you have a fantastic view from your living room or bedroom, why not make the most of it?

Old windows can often block the view from inside a home, and make your interior seem darker and more cramped than it needs to be. The perfect solution to this issue is a picture window replacement.

A picture window is typically a large, fixed window with a single pane of glass. This window pane isn’t broken up by any frames or solid lines. Picture windows offer the room a clear, expansive, unbroken view that lets in lots of natural light. They can create the illusion of bringing nature right into your living room.

Picture Window Replacement Features

Because a picture window is fixed and can’t be opened, it’s relatively inexpensive compared to windows that need hardware and special frames. You can install one or more picture windows and improve the aesthetics of your home in a big way, without breaking the bank.

Picture window replacements are usually considered to be part of the renovations of an older, suburban home – but they’re way more versatile than that! They can be used to great effect in modern architectural homes. They can also create stunning features in stylish, modern, urban loft apartments.  

Because of their structural simplicity, picture windows can be made larger than most other types of windows. Consequently, they let in more natural light and minimize the need for artificial indoor lighting during daytime.

Homeowners who choose picture windows as replacements generally install them in living rooms, dining rooms, and upstairs bedrooms.

If you have a separate TV room, bear in mind that a picture window lets in LOTS of light, which could spoil any daytime viewing!

If you have a smaller room, one picture window with some other windows, like casement or awning windows, will probably be enough to give the effect you want. In a bigger room, several picture windows will fit right in.

Picture windows are fixed and immovable, so they’re well insulated. Besides their stylish looks, picture window replacement costs can be “earned” back by the money they save you on energy bills over time. They don’t have seams or gaps to let air through, and they don’t need much upkeep.

Here are a few of the pros and cons of these windows at a glance:

Pros of Picture Windows

  • They’e affordable
  • They offer an enhanced view of the outdoors
  • They help to insulate the home

Cons of Picture Windows

  • They have no ventilation
  • They let solar heat into the house
  • They don’t allow egress in emergencies
  • They lack privacy
  • They’re not easy to clean

Replacement Picture Window Frame Types

Like most other window styles, picture windows are available with wood frames, aluminum frames, vinyl frames, and fiberglass frames. Each frame type has different benefits, and the frame material will also affect your picture window replacement costs.

Wood frames. These are generally the most expensive, and they’re vulnerable to weathering over time. However, they also have timeless appeal and quality, and many homeowners wouldn’t dream of considering any other type of window frame.

Aluminum frames. These frames also come with a price tag, but they have durability as well. They don’t have traditional appeal, but they work perfectly in a building that’s built in a modern style.

Fiberglass frames. These combine affordability and durability – but they’re not as attractive or as durable as wood and aluminum.

Vinyl frames work for homeowners on a budget. What they lack in style, they make up for with the price tag. A good-quality vinyl replacement window that is installed properly will be adequate if you don’t live in an extreme climate, and are prepared to replace the windows after 20 or so years. 

Replacement Picture Window Costs

The average cost of replacement picture window installation depends on the size, material, and manufacturer. Below is an overview of what you can expect to pay for picture windows of various quality levels.

Cheapest Standard High-end
Material $140 - $180$200 - $240 $300 - $500
Installation $170 - $200$210 - $240 $240 - $300
Total $310 - $380$410 - $480 $540 - $800


If you like the concept of “a room with a view” and want your home to reflect this idea, then picture window replacements are a great option for all types of houses. Not only do they look great, but they’re practical as well. Since picture windows typically don’t open, they offer excellent levels of insulation.

If you compare picture windows to double hung or casement windows of a similar size, you’ll note that picture windows are generally more affordable.

The main drawback of these windows is that they need other windows around them, to allow for ventilation. And if you live in an area with extremely high winds, you’ll have to consider upgrading to impact-resistant glass to keep your home safe.