Pella Windows Prices Review

Pella’s premium and standard-quality windows have great insulation properties and have great curb appeal.

Replacement windows should fit your lifestyle, décor, and budget. With so many big window manufacturing companies out there, and so many products to pick from, how do you know which window replacements will suit you?

Pella windows are well known amongst building professionals and homeowners for being extremely energy-efficient and a number of their windows were voted Most Energy Efficient of 2019 by Energy Star. We’re going to look at their product range, pros and cons, and prices so you can decide if they’re a good fit for your project.

Who Is Pella?

Pella was founded in 1925 by the Kuyper family, who bought a roller-screen company, and then added doors and windows to its list of home products.

It introduced Pella Design Centers in 2001 to target a mainstream market. The centers operate within Lowes stores and are staffed by its employees, but are separate from the Lowes company.

Today Pella Corp is one of the top window manufacturers in the US.

Pella Window Product Ranges

Pella windows come in various quality wood, fiberglass, and vinyl frame options. They make eight different window ranges, in all of the standard styles: single and double-hung, casement, awning, and sliding.

All their windows are energy efficient and feature a low-emissivity coating that blocks ultraviolet rays. Some ranges have double or triple glazing as a standard feature.

Pella Wood Windows

  • Pella Architect Series – top-tier window series that is available in both traditional and contemporary styles.
  • Pella Architect Series Reserve – fully customized windows that are designed to be “historically authentic.”
  • Pella Designer Series – unfinished wood interior, for the DIY homeowner who wants to finish and paint in their own style.
  • Pella ProLine – affordable, standard, no-frills wooden windows

Pella Fiberglass Windows

  • Pella Impervia – durable fiberglass frame that can withstand extreme heat and subzero cold.

Pella Vinyl Windows

  • Pella 350 Series – premium vinyl windows
  • Pella 250 Series – standard vinyl windows
  • Encompass or ThermaStar (the name depends on the area) – vinyl replacement windows for the homeowner on a budget.

The higher-quality Pella windows are available with various optional, innovative features to suit your personal taste.

Grilles between glass, or GBGs, are made of removable inserts attached within the window to create an illusion of divided glass panes. This gives windows a traditional look without compromising on insulation and soundproofing.

Screens between glass are another popular modern design feature, where a shade is inserted between the panes of glass to block the sun. You can move the screen up and down with a handle on the window frame, and eliminates the hassle of cleaning a separate shade or blind.

Pella Windows Pros and Cons

Here are some pros and cons of Pella windows, to help you make an informed decision.


Energy efficiencyPella windows are Energy Star qualified and U.S. Green Building Council LEED qualified.

QualityPella windows are generally consistently good-quality, well-constructed windows that are designed to last. They come with a 10-year warranty for non-glass components, and a 20-year warranty for the glass.

RangePella windows are available in vinyl as well as wood and fiberglass – unlike their competitor Andersen, which doesn’t make vinyl windows.


PricePella mid-priced windows are more expensive than many of its competitors. Its budget and premium ranges are priced more or less the same as other companies – but you’ll see a difference in price in its standard offerings.

Color optionsPella windows don’t come in as many color choices as its main competitors.

It is the local installation companies, not Pella, who set the sale price, perform the installation, and provide follow up service.  We hear about local installation companies all over the country who try very hard to trade on the Pella windows name.

Pella Window Prices

We’ve already mentioned Pella’s higher prices for some of its ranges – but they have some great-quality windows at various price points. Below are the prices for Pella’s eight main window ranges – remember that the windows are sold through third-party retailers, so these prices can vary.

Series Material Cost
Architect Series 850 Wood $835-$1,500
Architect Series Reserve Wood $1,000-$1,800
Designer Series 750 Wood $650-$1,100
450 Series/ProLine Wood $170-$365
Impervia Fiberglass $225-$600
350 Series Vinyl $160-$335
250 SeriesVinyl $145-$300
Encompass / ThermaStar Vinyl $120-$315


Just like every other huge window company, Pella makes a lot of options. You will get the quality of window you’re prepared to pay for-and the local company that sells and installs your Pella windows will also affect your overall experience.

Pella’s premium and standard-quality windows have great insulation properties and have great curb appeal. They can add value to your property, and will save you money on power bills. If you have any reservations about installing Pella window replacements, try and find an installer you can trust, and go from there.

Jeld-Wen Window Prices


One of the most important decisions you will ever make for your home is to choose the right windows. There are so many window brands on the market, and you have to scroll through a mountain of information to narrow down your selection. It’s not an easy decision to make!

To help you make an informed choice, we’ve put together some facts about Jeld-Wen window prices, products, and customer feedback. 

Who Is Jeld-Wen?

Jeld-Wen is one of the top window companies in the US, with over $1 billion in annual turnover, according to the top 100 manufacturers list of 2019. The company was founded in 1960 and is based in Charlotte, NC.

Jeld-Wen windows are sold through various big-box retailers like Home Depot and Lowes, as well as smaller home supply stores throughout the US. They also operate internationally in 19 other countries.

Jeld-Wen Window Styles

Jeld-Wen supplies different styles of windows in various materials, to suit both traditional and contemporary homes. 

They are primarily a supplier of new construction windows, but they also supply replacement windows.

The main Jeld-Wen window replacement styles are:

Jeld-Wen Window Product Ranges

Jeld-Wen windows are made of vinyl, aluminum or wood, and their cost ranges from entry-level right up to high-end. They have a good range of products to suit most homeowners – including those who live in extreme coastal weather areas.

Jeld-Wen Vinyl Windows

  • Builders Vinyl V-2500 – entry-level windows designed for new construction only.
  • DF Hybrid Vinyl – mid-range windows designed to look like clad aluminum
  • Premium Vinyl V-4500 – higher-quality windows designed to look like wood, available for new construction and replacements.
  • Premium Atlantic Vinyl – designed for harsh Gulf Coast weather conditions, with optional impact glass.

Jeld-Wen Aluminum Windows

  • Builders Atlantic Aluminum A-200 – mid-range windows for new construction in the Gulf and East Coast regions.

Jeld-Wen Wooden Windows

  • W-2500 Clad-Wood – entry-level windows for new construction.
  • W-450 Clad-Wood – mid-priced windows for new and renovated homes.
  • Siteline Clad-Wood – mid-range windows with standard energy-saving Low-E glass for a variety of climates.
  • EpicVue Wood – upmarket contemporary windows with slimline frames for great views.
  • Custom Wood – traditionally-styled upmarket windows for retrofitting in older homes, and for commercial and historical buildings.

Jeld-Wen Window Prices

Jeld-Wen windows are sold through third-party suppliers, which can affect prices. The costs will also vary depending on style, glass or frame upgrades, and customization.

Here are some of the average prices for Jeld-Wen windows.

  Low cost Standard High-end
Window Prices (Excl. Installation) $120 - $150 $180 -$230$280 - $600

Average installation costs are as follows:

  • New window installation – $140-$235 per window
  • Replacement window installation – $195-$350 per window
  • Bay/Bow window installation cost – $300-$575 per window assembly

A great way to limit your costs long-term is to invest in some reliable windows that will keep the heat in. Jeld-Wen only deals in windows with an energy rating of B, A, or A plus.

Jeld-Wen Windows Customer Reviews

There are some very mixed reviews out there, which don’t inspire much confidence in the Jeld-Wen brand. Are the reviews fair? While customers have a right to express their grievances, it’s worth looking at them in context.

Most of Jeld-Wen’s negative reviews concern installation issues and customer services.

Installation issues

If you’re planning on doing a replacement window project, it’s important to note that Jeld-Wen’s primary market is new construction.

New construction windows don’t need top-quality frames, because they are automatically sealed by the construction process. They are therefore manufactured at a low cost, to be bought in bulk by builders.

This doesn’t mean that you can’t get decent replacement windows from Jeld-Wen. It means that if you buy entry-level windows to use as replacements for your old windows, hoping to save money, you’re going to be disappointed. They won’t be well-insulated, and they’re harder to install.

Customer service issues

Jeld-Wen is a company that retails its products through a number of outlets – some larger, some smaller. There will be variations in customer services, delivery services, installation services, and aftercare services from retailer to retailer.

Some retailers might talk customers into buying Jeld-Wen’s entry-level windows, while promising them high-end window performance. Then, when there are installation and performance issues that need resolving, the customer suddenly realizes they are at the bottom of the food chain!


It’s easy to see how big brands like Jeld-Wen can get a ton of bad reviews, but often the issues stem from retail outlet practices and not the actual manufacturers themselves.

The bottom line is that Jeld-Wen window prices are affordable and their replacement windows are adequate – but replacement windows are not the main focus of their business.

If you want to save money in the long run, you’d be better off investing in good-quality windows from companies that actually specialize in the manufacture and sale of replacement windows, like Andersen or Pella.

Home Depot Windows


Home Depot has a big range of windows, from entry-level to high-end and everything in between.

In fact, it has a big range of everything you’ll need for a remodel – so it seems like a perfect one-stop-shop for your project.

However, there a few things you should know about Home Depot window replacements, before you finalize your decision.

Who Makes Home Depot Windows?

Home Depot has over 2,000 home improvement stores throughout the United States, Mexico, and Canada. You can buy upwards of 30 different window brands from Home Depot stores, most of which are for DIY installation.

If you want to work through their Home Services division, they will organize local contractors to install the windows for you. However, you then have only 4 brands to choose from:

  • American Craftsman windows – vinyl replacement windows at competitive price points.
  • Andersen windows – wood and composite windows in various colors and finishes.
  • Jeld-Wen windows -vinyl, aluminum or wood windows for new construction and replacements.
  • VantagePointe by Simonton windows – slimline vinyl replacement windows that allow for a bigger viewing area.

Home Depot Windows Pros and Cons

Here are some more of the pros and cons of buying your windows through Home Depot.


You might have noticed how hard it is to get prices from most window companies. You have to disclose your contact details before they give you any info at all – and then they’ll hit you with their hard-sell tactics!

Home Depot windows, on the other hand, have complete price transparency. All of the prices are right on their website. This helps you make an informed decision that fits your individual budget and household needs.

Home Depot gives you a wide range of choices, from frame material or type of glass right down to the hardware on the windows.

Home Depot also has a lot of window-related products available, like curtains and blinds. Homeowners often look for these at the same time as new windows, so everything is conveniently in one place.

Throughout the year, Home Depot will spotlight specific installation services from doors to toilets to windows. You should watch the offers section of their website for window installation specials if you are anticipating a window replacement in the near future.


Home Depot is, first and foremost, a retailer, and the stores employ most of their floor staff as retail clerks. A visit to one of the stores will usually reveal that there are few home improvement specialists – if any -available to answer your in-depth questions.

Home Depot At Home Services offers a short service warranty of only 1 year on some of its products. This doesn’t give you much time after installation to figure out if anything is amiss.

Home Depot uses third-party contractors to install its windows.  The company does background checks on these contractors, but they don’t control every aspect of their operations. If they mess up the job, you might have a hard time getting Home Depot to fix “someone else’s problem”. 

It’s also easy to guess that many smaller, less experienced installers are drawn to a system like Home Depot’s, where they get customers sent to them without having to pay for advertising. This is not to say that problems happen with all, or even most, of Home Depot’s third-party installers of course – but you’ll have to decide if it’s worth the risk.

Most contracts for Home Depot windows installation have a section discussing potential unforeseen future expenses before starting a project. They should be able to give you a price range to expect, but they can’t promise to stick to an original quote if issues arise.

Home Depot Window Installation Costs

It’s impossible to pinpoint costs of Home Depot window installations, as there are so many variables.

You can end up paying more than you expected. This is a risk you take with any remodeling project, however, and not specific to Home Depot.

Here are a few of the issues that could potentially affect your window installation costs:

  • Water damage and rot to the wood surrounding the window opening.
  • Electrical wiring and plumbing that’s discovered after removing the old window, that needs re-routing. 
  • Unforeseen joist modification, header installation or drywall repair from installing a bigger window.


Like any big box retail store, Home Depot has some advantages and disadvantages over smaller suppliers. On the one hand, it has a big range of windows and other items to choose from, and it’s super-convenient. On the other hand, it lacks a personal touch when it comes to customer service.

If you value range, convenience, and pricing over getting prompt assistance if you have a problem with your window replacements, then Home Depot has a lot to offer.

But if you’d prefer not to take any risks with a third-party installer, then it’s better to buy DIY window replacements, then hire someone you trust to install them.

Andersen Window Prices


Do you want to buy new windows for an addition to your home, or are you trying to figure out Andersen Window prices replace existing old windows?

Well, you can’t go wrong by opting for the biggest window company in the US to get the best quality at the best prices – or can you?

Andersen Windows has been in the business for over 100 years, and is one of the most trusted manufacturers by professionals and homeowners alike.

However, this doesn’t necessarily mean that they are right for your project. Let’s take a look at Andersen window prices and products, to help you decide.

Who Is Andersen?

The Andersen Corporation started as a lumber company and standard-sized window manufacturer in Wisconsin, in 1903. It now turns over $2.5 billion annually, and heads up the list of top 100 window manufacturers of 2019.

Andersen Corp currently supplies a massive range of product lines to the internationally. Its ranges include replacement windows, new construction windows, storm windows, doors, and accessories.

Andersen Window Product Ranges

Andersen is unusual – it doesn’t make vinyl windows. It uses vinyl only as cladding around a standard wooden core in some of its window ranges. 

Most of Andersen’s window ranges can be used either for new construction or as replacement windows.

The only exception is the Renewal line – this is designed and marketed as a separate replacement window, distinct from the main Andersen window ranges.

Andersen 100 Series

The 100 Series is Andersen’s entry-level window, used for both new construction and replacement installation. It’s made of Fibrex, which is Andersen’s award-winning composite of 40% reclaimed wood fiber and 60% polymer. The window is designed to be unobtrusive, and blend into your home décor.

Window styles in the 100 Series: single-hung, casement, awning, and gliding (or sliding).

Andersen 200 Series

The 200 Series consists of wood cores with vinyl exterior cladding. It’s an affordable product for people who want to paint their own windows, as the interior wood is available unfinished.

The 200 Series comes only in double-hung, gliding, or picture window styles.

Andersen 400 Series

The 400 Series is a premier window made of wood with vinyl cladding. It has lots of choices for exterior cladding colors and interior wood finishes.

The 400 Series comes in nearly all window styles, including casement, double-hung, awning, picture, gliding, bays, and bows.

Andersen Architectural E-Series

The E-Series is designed to a homeowner’s exact specifications – pick your size, color, and finish. This level of customization comes with a price tag!

The window is designed for people building a brand-new home or extension, suitable for either new construction or full-frame window replacement.

It’s made of wood with aluminum exterior cladding, and comes in all window styles.

Andersen Architectural A-Series

The A-Series is another high-end line, which is rigorously tested for hurricane and saltwater resistance. It is Andersen’s most energy-efficient line – the A-Series windows were recognized as Most Efficient by Energy Star in 2019.

Renewal Series

Andersen’s Renewal line of window replacements is marketed as a separate brand from the standard Andersen brand.

Renewal is not a window brand in itself – it’s a window replacement installation brand.

Renewal by Andersen window prices are in the same range as vinyl window replacements, but they are made of Fibrex.  Fibrex is stronger than vinyl, so this is a good choice of window for homeowners who don’t mind paying for the full range of services.

Homeowners will not be able to purchase the Renewal by Andersen windows themselves, as they are only sold to installers that are part of an established network. The installers offer custom consultation, project management, and fitting services.

Andersen Window Prices

Andersen window costs will vary from supplier to supplier as they are sold and installed by independent companies. Here are the prices of their various product ranges.

Type of Window Material Unit Price (Supply Only)
RENEWAL Fibrex $300 - $1,000
Architectural E-Series Wood $900 - $1,425
Architectural A-Series Wood / Fibrex$1,000 - $1,650
Andersen 400 Series Casement WindowsWood $389
Andersen 100 Series Casement Windows Fibrex $298
Andersen Architectural Casement Windows $1,009
Andersen 400 Series Awning Windows Wood $422
Andersen 100 Series Awning WindowsFibrex $324
Andersen 400 Series Double-Hung Windows Wood $395
Andersen 200 Series Double-Hung Windows Wood $271
Andersen 100 Series Double-Hung WindowsFibrex $223
Andersen 400 Series Gliding Windows Wood $927
Andersen 200 Series Gliding Windows Wood $330
Andersen 100 Series Gliding WindowsFibrex $253
Andersen 400 Series Picture Windows Wood $201
Andersen 200 Series Picture WindowsWood $159
Andersen 100 Series Picture Windows Fibrex $203
Andersen 400 Series Bay/Bow WindowsWood $1,565
Andersen 200 Series Bay/Bow WindowsWood $1,695


Builders and customers speak highly of Andersen windows, and they have a decent track record for reliability. Bad customer reviews are generally aimed at installation issues, caused by third-party installers.

Andersen window prices match up to most other major window manufacturers – but they don’t offer a cheap-and-cheerful vinyl DIY option. However, if you want color and finish choices galore, then Andersen windows are a good choice.